Monday, April 21, 2014

Give Back and Get Some: Fashion Project

Have you guys heard of the Fashion Project that is in partnership with Nordstrom?  Well as of two days ago I had never heard of it.  Pretty much it is an online consignment store that people like us can send stuff to.  

It started in 2012 after the cofounders, Anna Palmer and Christina Rizk, found a brand new Alice and Olivia jacket at a local thrift store under a pile of discarded items.  They thought what would happen if they could maximize this jacket's resale value then donate some of the proceeds to charity and voila the Fashion Project was born.  Oh and they did graduate from Harvard Law so the founders are pretty legit. 

Well the exciting thing about this project is that for every 5 items you send in, you get a $40 gift card to Nordstrom.  The items just have to be in nearly-new or great condition and exceed $50 in original price, don't worry there is a list of brands that are accepted on their site so it's pretty easy to figure out whats acceptable and whats not.   

So if I haven't already convinced you, 55% of the profits of the items sold get donated to the charity of your choice #winwin.

See below for exact steps - I know I have already gone through my closet about 5 times looking for items to donate (really wish I just didn't make that trip to Goodwill last week...)


  1. wish you luck on this fashion project!

  2. Felicidades y os deseó lo mejor
    Un besito

  3. I had never heard of this before but what a great idea!! I'm definitely going to have to clean out my closet and see what I can send in! Thanks for sharing!

    <3, Pamela

  4. What an awesome idea and honestly one of those that you think to yourself...why didn't I think of that!! Love supporting great causes!!

  5. This is seriously so cool and what a great cause! Definitely checking it out ASAP!

    <3 Shannon

  6. What a great concept! I really think it's a good idea

    X Sara

  7. Oh what an amazing idea! I shop at Nordstroms all the time so I definitely am interested in this thanks so much for the heads up!

  8. that sounds awesome! i had not heard of it until a couple weeks ago when i got an email from nordstrom but thats a pretty awesome idea! love it!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  9. Wow we had no idea about this! Such a great idea, thanks for sharing with us!

    Brittani and Katie

  10. I need to try this for sure!! Thanks for sharing - xo.

  11. I haven't heard of it. Thanks for sharing!
    X Sandra

  12. I have never heard of this! But I'm so glad that I know now! Such a great idea :)


  13. That's a WIN-WIN! HaHaHa What a great cause and you get something in return. WTG Nordstrom!

  14. I haven´t heard about this, but it´s a very good project. I´m already off to check more.
    Fashion Avenue by Adriana

  15. This is such a cool idea! If I lived in the states I'd be at this every week!

    Great post!

  16. Sounds good :)

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