Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Fizz: Dream Job

Do you remember looking up at the sky and daydreaming about your future adult life being an astronaut, singer, scientist, Olympian, actress, power ranger or whatever else - you could have been anything!

Well the other day, I was watching the documentary Blackfish (which, btw is a must see) and it brought me back to the days when I really wanted to be a SeaWorld trainer.  I was a pretty good swimmer (not to toot my horn or anything) and loved animals, I'm pretty sure I shared this "dream" along with many other children.

While, I no longer want to be an animal trainer (especially after seeing Blackfish), it kind of makes me sad that I couldn't  be one now, even if I wanted to.  A part of me feels that when you are older the dream or thought that you can literally be and do anything disappears,  but on the flip side of that you figure out what you truly like and are good at.  I would have to say my dream job right now would involve something with writing, granted this is partially because of Jane Green's envious facebook posts - who wouldn't want to get tucked away in a cozy bed and breakfast writing a novel.  

While sadly I cannot quit my day job and to go off and become a writer overnight for a living, I can channel my 12 year old self and dream big.  Unlike my younger self though, I have some outlets that I can use to take steps to actually achieve my dream job and who knows, maybe one day it might just come true.

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