Monday, February 10, 2014

Must Have Apps

Bloglovin - for when you don't feel like turning on your computer to look at bloglovin....just read all of your blogs with this app
Skin Deep - if you are into natural skincare this is a must, it shows what chemicals are in the products you use and tells you how natural it really is. 
GasBuddy - finds the cheapest gas around you
Cash - Strapped - a way to budget all that "spare cash" you have
One Kings Lane - when you don't want to miss a sale and can't get to your comp...this app is pretty much clutch
DailyCandy - perfect for getting info on what is going on in your city and the latest trends if only Refinery29 could make an app, I would be all set
Barre3 -  such a great all around work out app it offers quick on the go workouts, healthy recipes (don't worry they compile the shopping list for you), class registration and  quick tips for the day #love
Hermès Silk Knots - probably the only Hermes purchase I can ever afford to make - this app will get a ton of use in the spring/summer months when I need to learn how to tie my scarf in new ways.
Picfx - ever wonder how people added light, vintage, texture and other really cool affects to their instagrams? Well it's probably because they used picfx, perfect for editing photos with filters instagram doesn't have.
Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic - when you are stuck in traffic and wondering which exit it ends, just log on to this app to see what other travelers near you are saying. 
Postmates - think uber x delivery service, this basically means that you will never have to leave your house on a lazy sunday or for an impromptu dinner party again.
Venmo - I feel kind of conflicted for putting this up, since I'm a huge fan of paypal but venmo =  paypal + social networking + funny messages, yes please!
SoundCloud - one of my favorite music apps, it's very user friendly and allows you to  follow your favorite artist, dj or random newbie.
Spotify - if you don't have this on your iPhone you are living in the stone ages, think unlimited itunes to your phone + the ability to follow friends playlists...for just $10 a month 
Us Weekly - perfect for getting that hard hitting celebrity news, almost right when it happens
iHandy Level - put your tool kit away and just pull out your phone...yes this app puts a level on your phone.

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