Monday, February 3, 2014

Jewelry Obsession: Hyla Dewitt

Fiona Turquoise //  Mila Necklace // Felix Necklace // Egyptian Crystal Tassel // Vince Tassel // Anne Bracelet // Vivienne Necklace // Mia Necklace // Jet Gray Wrap

My friend, Colleen, recently introduced me to Hyla Dewitt jewelry when I mentioned I was in need of some new statement pieces.  Upon checking out her site, I was truly impressed by her pieces, namely the necklaces.  They seriously blow my mind and I think I filled my shopping cart so much that my wallet hid from me!

I really need the Vivienne Necklace and Felix Necklace for the summer and she is currently offering 15% off sitewide with code SPRING14 - can my tax return money get here ASAP so I can buy these guilt free?

So, if you are having a case of the Mondays, a visit to Hyla Dewitt will make you feel better almost immediately!

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