Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Fizz: Insipiration

eternal inspiration
Inspiration is everywhere - almost too everywhere for me with the internet (you know it's kind of like looking for a four leaf clover in a field of, well clovers).  Honestly before I started this blog I never really gave too much thought to inspiration - I've never been one to pull out magazine clippings or have an inspiration board (real not pinterest).

That isn't to say that I never had  inspiration but more that I never really  knew what it was (does that make sense?).  When I tried to hone in on what inspires me I felt like it was kind of a random assortment of things -  history books (yea that's kind of weird, I know), documentaries (the fashion and movie star kind), fashion magazines (specifically Tatler magazine - I love it!), music, and traveling.  The problem is, I feel that now that I've figured out where I can find my inspiration I feel like it is harder to find.

Maybe I just need to let inspiration find me vs going out to find it but I feel like I have been such in such an inspiration rut.  Maybe I just need to go on a fabulous trip somewhere to let the insipiration return...Tulum looks pretty amazing and I feel like I am more inspired just looking at pictures from there but we all know that that is never going to happen soooooo I should probably just focus on figuring out what's in front on me. 

What about you, what inspires you? 

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