Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Cell Phone Diet

"Leaving your phone at home is fun because then you can ask people what time it is like they did in ancient times" Anonymous

Everyone knows that feeling when you are having fun - dancing, chatting, you know doing fun stuff - and suddenly you have the itch to check your phone, even if you have just looked at it.   You look even if there's nothing there and even if there is nothing new on instagram, you just can't help it - often times you completely forget that you just checked it and check it again 2 seconds later. 

I'm assuming that most of you can relate to this feeling, if you're anything like me and my friends that is.  While cell phones are extremely convenient, I feel like it causes us to lose some connection with reality.  Why I feel the need to constantly check my phone when 90% of the time there is nothing new on there, is kind of a problem. Obviously, we all know that there are certain times you should never look at your phone - on a date, a nice dinner, and at work (at least for me, I feel like every time I check my phone a VIP happens to walk by #justmyluck) but most of the time we all feel comfortable enough to have our phones out and are on them most of the time - especially when you are just hanging out.

It also really annoys me when I'm with a friend and they are more focused on their phone then anything else - I actually called one of my friends out for this the other day and she erroneously claimed that I do the same thing...I mean it's probably true! How many times have you been at dinner with a group and the entire table is on their phones....yea happens all the time with my friends.

So many people even suffer from this problem, that there is a book out on how to combat this addiction: The Digital Diet.  Apparently this book is a 4 step plan, (clearly this is a serious problem if it involves multiple steps) that will all you to regain control of your life and focus on what is really important. Personally, I'm going to skip this book  and maybe just try to make a game out of not being on my phone so much - ie at a group dinner put everyone phones in the center of the table and the first person to look at their phone buys everyone dinner?

In all seriousness, being on my phone all the time is not only rude but causes me to miss out on things around me.  I'm definitely going to make a more conscious effort to not look at my so much!

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