Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Playing with Designers (Card Sets, that is)

YSL Playing Cards // Hermès Poker Cards // Gucci Playing Cards // Tory Burch Playing Card set // Oscar de la Renta Playing Cards // Lanvin Visages Cards Game // Hermès Bridge Cards // Louis Vuitton Card Deck // Alexander Wang Playing Cards

I grew up always playing cards - old maid, war, go fish - you name it - my grandma was seriously obsessed with card games and even had a video game handset just for them…my cousins and I definitely got in fights over this.  This is probably the reason I am still so into them now, although I only tend to play go fish. when I am babysitting and the other ones I play typically involve alcohol.

The other day when I was stalking Pinterest for present ideas, I came across this set of Hermès Poker Cards.  I love anything Hermès ( who doesn't, right) and it got me wondering what other designers had très chic playing card sets.  I think these Lanvin ones are my favorite thoug - they look so cute and so fun at the same time.  While, all of these are just SLIGHTLY out of my budget for the drug store card sets I typically buy, I wouldn't mine getting any of these as presents - my birthday is ONLY 6 months away afterall.

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