Monday, January 27, 2014

Paris Couture Spring/Summer 2014

Spring couture fashion week in Paris has always been my favorite fashion week, the dresses are always to die for (I mean obviously, they are couture) - and 2014 did not disappoint.  The creativity and detail that goes into each of these looks is truly incredible and the pictures themselves are so inspiring. 

It also comes around at the perfect time for award shows and I love picking out the dresses I think some of celebrities will wear.  

Below are some of my favorite shows from last week (side note: Dior was kind of a disappointment and I feel pretty bad for Jennifer Lawrence that she has to wear them this awards season)

Chanel - Karl Lagerfeld described his show as "an ice palace, a nightclub on another planet."  The models look so comfy and chic at the same time (they are wearing tennis shoes that cost about 3,000 so that helps)...very K. Stew. 

This makes me really want a Chanel fanny pack and knee and elbow guards.

Elie Saab - This show was AHMAZING (I mean, at least it looked like that from the pictures).  According to Saab was looking to create the scenes of the Roman Empire painted by 19th century Dutch Artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - think marble sanctuaries with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. 

I can totally see Cate Blanchett rocking this at the Oscars.

This dress is just to die for.

Atelier Versace - Donatella (who btw looks kind of identical to gaga lately) was inspired by Grace Jones in one of her iconic hoods for this collections - which is very evident in this show along with the signature Versace looks. about amazingness

This dress should make an appearance at the Oscars...on Lupita Nyong, perhaps? 

Valentino - Theme wise, I think that this show took the cake for me... there were 55 looks for 55 operas - that a lot of looks plus this theme was so original and amazing (how has this never been thought of before?)

Spotted, on Katy Perry at the Gammys last night. 

Viktor & Rolf - While this technically wasn't  a fashion show and was more of a perfume launching (yea, I didn't know you could do that either), I thought it was super cool how they used actual ballerinas - cast members of the Dutch National Ballet as models.  

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  1. all these dresses are to die for!!! LOVE!




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