Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Allem Studio

Bracelona Shower Curtain // Marilyn Pillow // Johar Sea Blue Pillow // Istanbul Quilt // Sansaar Sky Pillow // Granada Duvet Cover // Elephant Gold Pillow

So the other day my roommate and I were hanging out on the couch/painting our nails, pretty much avoiding the freezing weather outside.  Side note - my roomie has super great interior decorating taste so we have a ton of cute throw pillows covering our couch.  Anyways I'm a pretty big klutz and wasn't paying attention and spilled dark maroon nail polish ALL OVER one of her throw pillows - could i have picked a worse color to spill everywhere...yea I don't think so.

Once we scoured the internet for solutions on how to get nail polish out of fabrics and immediately tried and failed at any and all remedies, we went to the designer's, Allem Studio, site directly to see if they somehow still had the pillow (in case you are wondering it's second from the right on the bottom row)

I obviously started stalking the site and fell in love with everything.  Their stuff is so amazing - so boho but so classic at the same time, if that is even possible?  I really want that duvet cover and elephant pillow, but I also kind of want the zebra like gold sequin pillow too, but before I order anything else I need to replace the Sansaar Sky Pillow I ruined :(.  Moral of the story, just be careful painting your nails because you might ruin something and yet find your wish list expanding at the same time...

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  1. I LOVE Allem Studio as well, i have their throw pillows/ shower curtain and duvet already!!! It just adds so much life and character to your living space! Loved reading you and so agree with your --- boho but classic at the same time -- comment!!!



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