Friday, January 10, 2014

A House fit for THE Housewife

Confession time, I am a reality tv junkie - I just love it, especially the Housewives franchise and there is no better Housewife than Lisa Vanderpump herself.  First of all Lisa is on the best one (I'm sorry but Beverly Hills is for sure the most legit one) and second of all her house, Villa Rosa (yes, it has a name),  is seriously amazing and for some reason I just got around to looking it up. 

Even if you don't like this show you need to check out her house below - and if you don't tune in to RHOBH (thats an abbreviation for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for all you non-Bravo watchers) then I highly recommend you set your DVR for Monday nights at 9:00 pm just for some laughs - seriously these girls are CRAZAY.  

I mean this entryway, I think I would have to pinch myself every time I walked in. 

You just know that Yolanda is really jealous of this piano space.  I really want to recreate this look, I mean that is if I had a piano. 

Love everything about this room - especially those couches. 

Lisa probably put these couches here so she can watch her help cook while they wear slips over their shoes (fact this actually happens, you can notice it in the episodes)

Obviously the pink chair for Lisa is at the head of the table.

I really really want this bed (minus the pink tufted headboard that is built in). 

Just her small and casual walk-in closet. 

This is probably 1% of her handbag collection. 

No wonder she has so many dinner parties, this outdoor space is breathtaking - plus you have to be pretty baller to have a chandelier outside. 

I'm sure all of the housewives, even Joyce, would go swimming in this pool!

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