Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Clippings

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are still continuing it with a Holiday vacation!  I am still at work today and tomorrow and then head home tomorrow night - woohoo!

If you are already in desperate need to get some alone time from your family or are in the office alone, check out some of these great distractions that I found this weekend.

I wish my family's Christmas cards looked like this.

This article comes in handy for all of those after work events.

Wow these pictures are so unbelievable they look fake.

Saw American Hustle this weekend and was inspired by all of the 70s decor.

I definitely need to learn to embrace chaos more.

Hopefully I can spend Christmas in one of these towns next year!

Being a huge bookworm I love this gift guide.

I'm seriously obsessed with this necklace, maybe it will go on super super sale?

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  1. this will help keep me entertained at my very unproductive day at work :)) thanks!!




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