Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Fizz: Presents for Friends

With the holidays rolling around and more gift guides are available than I can count, I feel like everyone (including myself) is focused on presents (well duh, it is Christmas time).  Obviously, there are those you just have to buy presents for - family members and significant others but for me the hard part is always "the gray" area of who to buy gifts for - namely, friends or coworkers.  Personally, I prefer not to buy presents for friends as it can so easily get out of control (because you know I'm super popular and just have so many friends -kidding!)  

Last year my friends and I did a Secret Santa and were going to make a night out of it with a fun dinner to exchange the presents...sounds good in theory but we couldn't pick one night during the holiday season that worked with everyone.  Secret Santas or White Elephants with a close group of friends are a ton of though and wish my friends and I could get our acts together to do one!

Another thing  that is hard when giving gifts to friends is the issue of price...some of my firends are ballers while some of us are well...lets just say the exact opposite level of that.  Personally, I like to try to give and receive gifts of equal value, so this gets quite tricky...

To avoid all of the above scenarios I just simply tell my friends to not get me presents...and yes I do really mean it and they shouldn't expect one either - unless that present is homemade cookies or something. 

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