Friday, December 13, 2013

Singapore: Part 1


Over Thanksgiving, I went to Singapore to visit my family that lives over there (don't be too jealous of me though, while it's nice to have family in fun places it means I don't get to see them that often!)

Singapore is such a fun city - think NYC in the middle of a rain forest (it's not quite as crazy as NYC but you get the idea)...seriously trees EVERYWHERE. 

The first part of the trip was spent walking around the city and being tourist. I'm sorry but how pretty is Singapore (and the pictures don't even do it justice) -  I wish my office looked over those super trees at Gardens by the Bay - which by the way is a must see if you are ever over there. 

I hope you enjoy the first round of pictures from my trip there, stay tuned next week for Part 2!

p.s. How cool is that Starbucks, it looks like it belongs on a beach town...not it in the middle of a city!

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