Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Must See Holiday Movies

One of my favorite parts of Christmas for me is the Holiday Movies -  I literally love all of them, even the ultra cheesy ones on Lifetime.  Since I can't watch ALL of the holiday movies out there with the ultra short season this yeat, I thought I could at least compile of list of my favorites that I need to watch before Christmas time...

Love Actually - Who doesn't love this Movie - there is literally something for everyone. My favorite story-line might be with the prime minister though - I love me some Hugh Grant.


Home Alone - this list just wouldn't be complete without it.  You also NEED to check out the the Woof Maker, like right now - it's probably the best thing to happen to Christmas since Santa.

The Holiday - The best romcom Christmas movie by far (sorry, Love Actually) and it's set in England with Jude Law, what's not to love?

P.S. This is not on On Demand...my roommate and I searched for AGES for it on Sunday - that is just rude Comcast!

Miracle on 34th Street, the old one...not the new one, is my favorite Christmas movie of all time - I just love it and the season does not feel complete without watching it.

Fred Claus - I have seen this movie a million times and STILL laugh out loud every time - the brothers anonymous scene KILLS me.

Last but certainly not least.. Elf - another one that I laugh out loud at every single time I watch it...that scene where he goes up the elevator is the best!

What are your must see holiday movies??

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