Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Eye-brows are such an important part of the face - if you don't believe me, check this out (creepy, right??).  Sadly, I am not blessed with great eyebrows and by not great I mean horrible (no joke my eyebrow waxer once took a before and after picture of my eyebrows to put on her website).  

For some reason it took me years to figure out that there was something I could do to make my eye-brows look better, since I have discovered eyebrow "make-up" I have been obsessed with it and thought I would share some of my favorite finds.  Something to note, some of these items might be a little on the expensive side but it saves you expensive (and probably frequent) visits to the salon!

Next on my to do list for brows...is trying to figure out how to dye them at home (if I don't end up bleaching them accidentally I will be sure to post the process on here. 

Japonseque Brow Kit - have never heard of this brand but it has awesome reviews, if I wasn't already a die hard Anastasia brow fan I would definetley have to try this.

TWEEZERMAN Hot Pink Mini Brow Rescue Kit - perfect for on the go...you know, when that brunch turns into dinner then drinks, then before you know it its 12:00 am.

Anastasia Brow Genius Kit

Anastasia Five Item Brow Kit

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  1. hahahah- i love the link you posted with celebs without eyebrows! They really do frame your face!




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