Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Language of Flowers

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Have you read the book The Language of Flowers?  If not, I highly recommend it - I'm only half way through but so far it's a pretty good one (half way through and I started this Saturday).  I was reading it this past weekend and was fascinated by the Victorian meaning behind all of the flowers, the main character is attempting to be a florist and flower references are interwoven into the story.

Apparently, Victorians used to send messages via flowers - a bouquet wasn't just a random assortment of flowers but a code waiting to be solved  (pretty romantic  right?).  I was so curious behind all of the meanings that I decided to do some research and obviously had to share my findings with you.. Don't say I didn't warn you though because this might make you dislike some of your current favorites - can you believe that sunflowers mean false riches (they used to be my favorite flowers too)!?!?!

Flower Dictionary

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