Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Fizz: Running in Public

Running in public....seriously just thinking about it makes me cringe.  I just hate the thought of people, namely ones I know, looking at me while I run -  have you seen that Friends episode - I can totally relate to Rachel.

Since I don't have a gym membership, (I typically do studio classes) I kind of have no choice but to run in my neighborhood and a lot of people I know happen to live right by me - usually, this is a good problem to have #blockparty.

So I was running the other day and saw some people I knew and no joke crossed the street and turned the other way to avoid seeing them. (trust me - I thought the same thing as you are - what is wrong with me?!)  Maybe it's because one of my friends once told me he takes pictures of funny runners....and is tempted to put them on the internet (if you're wondering why I'm friends with him, it's because he's pretty funny)

I know that many people suffer from this problem and it's not just me - I looked for a Phobia name for this and for some reason there wasn't one, come on there is one though for fear of chopsticks -(Consecotaleophobia, in case you were wondering).  So i know I have to get over this "fear" of mine but am not really quite sure how - I think the first step will be to learn not how to sweat and turn bright red when I run (basically I look like Kim Kardashian crying when I run...not kidding (I'm exaggerating a little but not kidding).

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