Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Philanshopit: Fashion + Philanthropy

Philanshopit, a new online boutique offering some seriously cute items all from companies that make a social impact.  If the name alone doesn't make you want to shop away immediately, then you should probably still check it right now.

It's basically as close to guilt free shopping as you can get - every item available on the store has a positive social impact (no, not for your social life but for society as a whole).  For example, one of their partners, Laura and Lily (they make seriously cute bracelets) employ women in Nepal, pay them fair wages  (btw - I had to look up what a fair wage was and it basically means that employees can typically maintain a decent standard of living for themselves and their families with this wage) and they can work from home (should I start working for them!?!?) This is just one of the amazing companies they are partnered with - you should really check all of them  out though because some of them do some really inspiring things! Personally I just feel better about shopping knowing that my money is going to companies that can help make a difference.

I think one of the reasons this store (aka my new favorite online shop) has so many cute items is because the founders, Hanna and Aubrey, are both like the coolest girls ever - I mean, it's pretty baller that two 20 somethings can start an entire company!  Maybe if I buy something from their site my coolness level will rise? Plus, they are pretty smart too launching this site right around the holiday times....there is literally something for everyone on here (well, for every girl...most boys wouldn't fully appreciate jewelry or home decor but apparel is coming soon!).  I'm sure your loved ones will be much happier knowing that their gift came from a company that is not just adding to their style but to the world in general. 
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