Friday, November 8, 2013

Party In a Box...Yes Please!




It's a party in a box - literally (well, if you don't think you need alcohol or food for a good party).  Revelry House has come up with the genius idea of shipping all the supplies you will need for a pinterest worthy party  - this is a major timesaver for all of us who like to throw some seriously cute parties (why didn't I think of this!?!?!?).  Their party boxes come with tons of decorations, that are adorable btw, recipes (both food and cocktail), decor tips and best of all a custom playlist (this is just the icing on the cake!)

Currently they just have two party boxes, one for NYE and one for Holiday Parties (the boxes do have Santa Hats they should really just call them Christmas boxes) but they have tons of party starter kits with cute utensils, goodie bags and the best straws ever (I wish I was drinking my coffee with those floral straws right now)

They just launched two days ago, so I expect that will see just more and more box ideas soon (I do wish you could customize how many people you need the decorations for...if I were have a NYE party it would be for more than 15 people)

Now, I just really want to have a party, so I can order one of these boxes, instagram a ton of pics, and make my friends think I'm the best party planner ever! 

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  1. why didn't i think of this!! i love the idea of everything is one cute little box!!




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