Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Paper Crown Offices: Fit for a Queen

As if you needed another reason to be really jealous of Lauren Conrad - she has an amazing blog, is a successful fashion designer, dated Brody Jenner (which I think is the reason I'm the most jealous of her), was a lead on two reality shows, and now has an office that was revamped by Domaine Home -  it's all just super unfair if you ask me!  I mean...her office is seriously amazing now (it was pretty cute before too - they should offer their services to more tragic cases...my before and after would be the office makeover equivalent of a Proactiv commercial)

I just love everything about this...that chair, that typewriter, those pictures!


That zebra chair is AHMAZING and I need it now (while I undoubtedly cannot afford it and even if I could I wouldn't have anywhere to put it, it's just so cute!)

Sidenote - I would be much more productive at work if there were cute clothes hanging everywhere - wouldn't you!?!?


That farm table, which she found at thrift store for $100, (no, I didn't leave off a 0) with the high chairs would make me feel like I worked in a bar, (in a good way) plus that cork board just gets me inspired just looking at it - I love how it goes around the window.

The couch is the perfect combination of comfortable and chic... I would definitely just sit there and work from it all day if I were L.C.


Seriously, I need that typewriter!!!!


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  1. this office couldn't be more perfect! one day!




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