Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alexander Wang's Niece is Trendier Than Yours

So I have a new style icon and it's 4 year old Aila Wang aka Alexander Wang's niece.  Before you judge me though (you know, for idolizing a little kid),  take a look at these outfits - I mean....I know you're just as jealous/obsessed as I am.  

She also just seems to have such a grown up cool girl attitude - an attitude I've never quite been able to pull off - which makes her like 9x cooler.  I'm sure other designers have nieces or nephews this age and you don't see them in all of the gossip columns.  

I know that I could have never pulled off any of these looks when I was her age (or now for that matter);  I would've stained my leather dress and probably tripped in front of the paparazzi. 

I think she is the only person in the world who can pull off Adidas and socks (a regular person could come close though with her outfit...but would probably fail)

A custom made Alexander Wang bag...yes please!

Stylish Maternty & Kids Fashion: Little fashionistas I

Even her accessories are chic.  I also really want that fur skirt. 

Could she be any cooler...I really want to grab a beanie, chambray and black dress to recreate this entire look. 

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  1. she is the most adorable thing! Sadly, I don't think my clothes will ever compare to hers!




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