Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Winter Weddings: What to Wear

Cocktail: hot pink purse // dainty bracelet //spike bracelet // cross bracelet // /feather dress // wraparound coat // pumps

Black Tie: Fur Jacket // pony hair clutch // bangle // strappy shoes // rachel pally dress

I have a winter wedding coming up in a few weeks and the topic of what to wear has come up a lot with my friends, especially considering our wardrobes seem to only be packed with dresses to wear to summer weddings.  

I obviously thought that if my friends and I were having this problem, then tons of other people would be going through this same thing - I mean this is a major problem (think along the lines of world hunger) - there will be ex-boyfriends in attendance.  

While I already have an outfit to wear to this wedding, (reusing an old outfit...I know I'm kind of poor right now - don't judge me)  I am really thinking of replacing it with the black tie look...I really NEED that dress (the back detail is amazing) and that jacket - obsessed. 

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  1. just purchased those pumps! love them!! that coat is quite great as well!!




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