Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Fizz: Pick a Lane

The other day at work Linda Rabbitt, one of the most inspiring women EVER, came to speak to us - it honestly might take you all day to read up on all she has accomplished.

The short version of her story is that she had a pretty normal life (upper middle class family, college educated, married a doctor, had know, all that jazz).  Until one day, her husband left her, moved overseas, taking all of his money with him.   Linda was stuck in good ole' DC with no money and two kids to feed (pretty much everyone's dream, right?!?!).  

She took the first job she could get, a secretary at KPMG, making $16,000/year - flash forward  20 years later and now she serves on many boards and is the Founder and CEO of Rand Corporation (a company that brings in 250+ million a year).  While waiting for the bus (in a snow storm no less) on her first day at KPMG, she made a promise to do one nice thing for someone everyday, a promise that she still keeps today.

Linda talked about the importance of picking a lane - you can't be "perfect pearl" at work and then be screaming at the barista (p.s. don't you just love that word) at Starbucks on your break - who knows, the CEO could be right behind you and they probably wouldn't like you too much after that!  You have to pick a lane and own who you are, all the time, whether it's being a nice person, being a jerk*, or just whoever you want to be - as long as you own it!  Be forewarned though....if you pick the jerk lane then don't expect to be too happy because I guarantee (and so does Linda) those who you have screwed over probably won't want to help you too much when you need it - and lets be honest everyone needs a helping hand once in a while.

I find this story so inspiring because I feel like these days business success stories always involve someone getting screwed over along the way (I mean, I know The Social Network isn't entirely true...but that was kind of rude of Mark Z. to do to his bestie).  It was just so motivating for me to hear a success story (from a woman no less #girlpower) from someone who got to where they were through kindness (with a dash of intelligence, luck, and plain bada**ness too - duh!).

So I encourage you all to pick a lane and just own it...because who knows where that path will take you.

*I'm sure none of you readers would ever pick the jerk lane!

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