Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Teepees aren't Just for Gypsies

Maybe it’s my inner five year old coming out, but I am seriously obsessed with the teepee trend lately (my Aunt did make one for me when I was about 5, so it could be nostalgia - clearly she was quite the trendsetter).

 While I don’t think I can squeeze a teepee into my house – even if I could, I doubt my roommates would go for it –  I couldn't help but research some “adult” teepees.  If you have a boho vibe going on, these would fit right in and would be a place to escape to with a good book or glass of wine. Side note – I am quite the book nerd, so there is nothing better to me than a quiet, cozy space to have a glass of wine, listen to classical music and read a book (I know…it’s weird).

Through my online perusing, some of my favorite teepees I came across are below:

This would totally work in the middle of a family room, right???? (Well it would be better in a basement or back room but wouldn't you want to show it off to all of your guests?)

modern teepee (via Art & Design)  I need to make one of these for an upcoming photo shoot!

 I mean if I had a dog or a cat I would totally get a little teepee house for them…I die.


While this is definitely not realistic, (and probably wouldn't be very warm…I mean, there’s snow on the ground) can you get any more romantic???


A teepee... in a nook…in a library - heaven!

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