Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tatler...Since 1709

Tatler Magazine...one of my favorite of my favorite things to come out of England since Prince Harry.

I discovered this magazine when I was in the UK this past February with my Mom and have been obsessed with it ever since.  Whoever thought that fashion could have a sense of humor?? (Not Anna Wintour, that's for sure!) This magazine combines all the best things of Britain - swoon worthy royalty (the Sept. edition ranked the most eligible dukes in  the UK - too bad it didn't list their phone number too), clever vocabulary (I really need to start integrating more of these words into my daily vernacular), witty sense of humour, and brilliant fashion!

This magazine though is basically impossible to find in the States (I know...it's a disaster), they do sometimes have it at Barnes and Noble but even that's a shot in the dark.  I'm thinking I now need to just  buy a subscription, since I've wasted entirely too much time trying to FIND the magazine in the first place.  While a subscription internationally is expensive for a monthly periodical, I just get so much enjoyment out of it (I mean, I just NEED to know who all the cool kids are on the other side of the pond!) .

If you are near a Barnes and Noble, or can hop on a plane to the UK, I strongly encourage you to peek in to see if they have the October edition - you won't regret it!

P.S. How good would this mag have been in 1709 with all the court gossip?!?!!

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  1. I love this magazine too!! We can find it fairly easily here since they always have British stuff around. I haven't gotten an issue in a while though, this has definitely inspired me to go track one down soon!



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