Friday, October 25, 2013


One of my favorite things to purchase is stationary, I typically don't buy it in bulk and will just get it if I happen to see a cute one in a store (they are the best impulse buys - they tend to be pretty inexpensive but make you feel like you found a real treasure).  The other day, I was super bored and decided to do some stationery research online...there is a ton of stuff out there!  

I also really want to get better about sending handwritten letters to friends and family - it really brightens my day when I get a handwritten note and I would love to do the same for others!  Obviously having super cute stationery would just encourage me to do this more. 

Maybe I just really like this one because I wear glasses?

I mean....I can't, this Kate Spade one is too cute for words and needs to get to my desk, like yesterday.

P.S. who knew that Paperless Post had actual stationery?!?!

"Talk Of The Town" Engraved Flat Cards by Kate Spade

Now, this is just a good excuse to a practice my Spanish.  

I also need to try this D.I.Y. Stationery...I think my week would for sure be made if I received one of those in the mail. 

Now I just need a new address book to collect all of my new contact information in....

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  1. Sooo cute!! You have inspired me to buy stationary!




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