Monday, October 14, 2013

Sponge or Brush???

Brush or Sponge…this seems to be a frequent topic of conversation between my friends and I.  (if you can’t tell, we talk about makeup a lot) Half of us use a brush to apply foundation and the other half use a sponge (the ones who don’t participate in these conversations tend to use neither and use their fingers…they clearly aren't that into make-up – the more products the better, right???) 

Currently, I use Sephora's Pro-foundation brush no. 47 which I love but I’m thinking I really need to try the Beauty Blender. I have heard great things about it and I know the Kardashians use it…no matter what your feelings are about them their make-up always looks flawless. 

In order to try and make up my decision about which I should use I did some internet research and came up with the pros and cons to each:

My overall vote is…BOTH!!!! I think the beauty blender is key when you want to make your makeup look fabulous and have extra time to apply it but I think a brush is good for everyday makeup! When it comes to make-up products I tend to abide by the philosophy of more is more…because I never know what mood I’ll be in for make-up!


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