Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Searching for Vintage in a Modern World

Chanel Ad

Lately, I have been really into Vintage Clothing (even though sometimes it kind of smells funny) it’s unique, there is most definitely a story behind it (whether you know it or not) and it’s classic – it has already stood the test of time.  I know a few vintage stores in DC but since none are near my house and driving in DC is a disaster, I always find myself looking up stores online. 

Some of my favorites are: If Pockets Talked - I discovered this through Nicole Richie (you know, my bestie)…so I knew it must be good, William Vintage  - WAY out of my price range but still fun to look + it’s a Rachel Zoe favorite, Posh Vintage – they have an entire section dedicated to Pucci (obsessed!), What Goes Around Comes Around – would love to add one of their vintage rock tees to my collection (when they go on sale, obviously) and Nasty Gal Vintage – trendy vintage at a flea market price (well, not really but most items are pretty reasonable).  

I just love looking at these sites, even when I don’t plan on buying anything (window shopping online!). I am scouring these sites at the moment, since my goal this year is to find a vintage fur (Sorry PETA!).

Do you like vintage clothing? If so, I would love to hear what your favorite online stores are!

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