Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mini Skirts and Chunky Sweaters

Skirt and sweater
Sienna Miller sweater and skirt look
Olivia Palermo, black coat with skirt and chunky sweater
chunky sweater over sun dress :)
chunky sweater black skirt

Maybe it's my inner Sienna Miller, but I am obsessed with chunky sweaters over mini skirts.  This just looks so cozy and chic at the same time, plus in DC it's still warm enough to get away with not wearing tights with my skirt - obviously I would need to put on an obscene amount of sunless tanner if I did do this though.  

While I kind of have somewhat of a skirt problem - I do not know how I have acquired so many (although, I could use some more flirty loose skirts like O.P. is rocking) - I don't seem to have nearly enough big cozy sweaters (I desperately need a white chunky one!).  I really need to add some more cozy knits to my closet IMMEDIATELY (as in like, yesterday) so I can rock this look at a Sunday brunch or shopping in Georgetown. 

P.S. I know the last look isn't technically a mini skirt, but the slit is so high it might as well be!

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