Monday, October 21, 2013

Latest Obsession: Antlers

Antlers…definitely one of the best home necessities accessories there is.   They just look so good no matter what your style is…kind of like a good pair of earrings for your home – they just add that extra pop. The problem is, is that they tend to run pretty high in price (why is it that every thing I need want is so expensive???) I’m really trying to find some antlers that don’t break the bank but also don't look like I bought them at goodwill for 50% off…

Through my quest to find the perfect antlers, I found some pretty amazing rooms for inspiration, that makes me want to put them in every spare corner!

Love this look…I wish I owned all of these

I mean…I die…seriously these are just beyond amazing

 Can you imagine this room without the antlers (well you obviously can but it definitely probably doesn't look very good)

Definitely the bigger the better…

 Antler home decor idea

Now…I think I found some that I really like, thoughts???

The Alfred | White Faux Deer Head With Gold Antlers Mount

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