Monday, October 28, 2013

Illuminating on Illuminator

One of my favorite makeup products to use is illuminator - it finishes the look off and highlights my best assets - basically what the point of makeup is.

I was getting ready at a friends the other day and asked to borrow some illuminator - none of my friends knew what this was - like what!?!?!?!? So, I obviously had to dedicate a post about the importance of illimuniator - to educate y'all and to make them buy some for me to use next time I'm getting ready with them.

Step One:  Combine foundation with a neutral based illuminator (i.e. not a pink one)  - this helps achieve that dewy skin look and who doesn't want that!?!?

Step 2: Apply mixture with a sponge or brush (you can use your fingers as a last resort, if you must) 

Step 3:  Once you have applied bronzer and blush (I didn't take pictures of this because that is not what this post is about - I can definitely dedicate an entire post on blush too) use a liquid or powder illuminator - my current favorite is this DaVinci mineral illumniator that I apply with Sephora's Pro-Contour Brush.

Step 4:  Apply illuminator, doesn't matter if it's liquid or powder, under your eye in a triangle shape, on your t-zone, under your eyebrows and on your chin - if you don't have any zits (we DO NOT want to draw attention to those)

Step 5:  Apply the rest of your makeup and check out your results!

P.S. I decided to take these photos on Wednesday night and it was kind of annoying having to take all of the makeup off right away.

Step 6:  Channel your inner Snooki and do your best duck face - I mean it's just fun.

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