Thursday, October 3, 2013


If I maintain my silence about my secret it is my prisoner... if I let it slip from my tongue, I am its prisoner. —Arthur Schopenhauer

Gossiping, we've all done, still do it and will continue to do it.  I for one have noticed that I gossip entirely too much. (don't judge me - I'm a naturally curious person!) While at the time, gossiping is oh so much fun, afterwards I feel terrible about myself - especially after a particularly juicy gossip session.  

I only really noticed how much I gossiped when I tried to stop - it's really hard because how do I politely say to the person "sorry, I'm trying to gossip less" that will just offend them and then I will go and get gossiped about!  Instead of saying anything directly, I tend to try to change the subject - which often works (even though it does take a lot of self control). 

Now the hardest part is when I have a reallllllyyyyy good tid bit of gossip (which is the best kind!).  I obviously want to tell someone, so I spill the beans to a person who doesn't know the either party (genius, right?!).   While this is the better way to gossip, (it's basically the low fat version of gossiping - still bad but not as bad) it’s still better to not gossip at all – let’s be honest though, this will be pretty hard. 

To try and gossip less, I am constantly asking myself - Is this gossip? Would I say it to their face?  Am I swaying the other party’s opinion?  Also, a nice tip I have learned is the less I think of a secret the less desire I have to spread it – out of sight out of mind!

How do you handle gossip? Are you like me and have a hard time keeping secrets (I don't tell anyone that it would actually affect!).  What are your secrets to try to stop gossiping?

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