Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bootie Call

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My favorite part about fall is the return of booties…I’m seriously obsessed and can never have enough. (obviously, you can never enough shoes in general though) Plus,  I don’t know about you but all my favorite booties together in one place is pretty much the best bootie call I can get! 

I actually created this post per the request of my bestie, since she is in dire need of some booties (she doesn’t own a single pair – can you believe it??!!?) Obviously, I am very willing to help her in this quest and will  definitely probably end up adding a pair or two to my wardrobe while coming to her aid.

The Sam Edelman booties with the fringe are just begging for me to take them home - they would look amazing with jeans or a skirt, plus I have zero shoes with any fringe details, so they are obviously a necessity.  Thesebooties seem too cool for school and I feel even cooler for just having found them - the price is a little high though and I guess I will just have to wait till they go on sale. Now, I need to just find a way to justify bringing all of these into my closest… 

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