Thursday, October 24, 2013

Accepting Compliments

Getting a compliment always makes me, and I believe most people, feel wonderful (unless your incredibly self-depreciating and probably not enjoying life that much).  But I'm always awkward when I receive a compliment, especially one that is more meaningful (don't get me wrong, I love being told my skirt is cute - but I guess that credit really goes to the designer). 

While I think I have learned how to gracefully accept a compliment in person, I definitely always have trouble responding to one that is written - whether it's from my grandma in a letter ( she is the only person who I get actual letters from now) or from a friend over email.  These compliments tend to mean the most to me but are also the hardest to reply to (plus, if it's over email it's archived for like ever).  It literally takes me a solid 30 minutes to reply back and usually involves some sort of Google search on "how to reply to complimentary emails."

When I FINALLY do end up responding, I feel like I do not convey my gratitude enough.  I try to say thank you but at the same time try not give myself too much's kind of a challenge for me. 

I will probably always have a hard time accepting praise...but I do hope I get lots of practice time!

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