Thursday, September 26, 2013

Feeling Right


I just finished reading an amazing book,  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin - I highly recommend it.  This book is all about feeling happy (obviously) in your current life.  Through her research aka reading lots of boring books,  Rubin found that one of the keys to being happy is feeling right.

This got me thinking - what makes me feel right? Keep in mind, this is not necessarily what I think is fun (don’t worry, that’s a different element of happiness) but more of listening to my gut.

Something that came to mind right away for me was volunteering.  Since I graduated (longer ago than I care to admit), I've been thinking a lot (key word here is thinking - I really shouldn't need four years to think) about different organizations to get involved with.  Last year I finally started volunteering with an incredible program, Everybody Wins, and I LOVE it.  The 5th grader I read to has so much personality and reading to her is one of the favorite parts of my week - I KNOW that I get just as much out of the program as she does.  This has been so inspiring and makes me want to do more. Volunteering with kids is something I just feel is right, while it’s not always tons of fun in the moment, it’s such an amazing experience that I want to continue to grow on. 

Finally something that felt VERY right but was (and still is) challenging, was starting this blog.  I was always giving my blogger friends advice (and was a teensy bit jealous) and reading blogs in my spare time – I get to work early so I can get my blog reading in #problem.  While all of this is overwhelming, I know that no matter what happens it will be a success…because it just FEELS right.  Thank you all for taking this journey with me and I hope we have a lot of fun adventures on the way!

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